Customizing the "someone has added you as a Signer" Email

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Hello, Is there a way to add some customization to the email that comes from eSign live to notify people that they need to sign a package? These signers are using our application which generates these packages automatically, and we're concerned that they may not recognize the email from eSignLive. Ideally we'd like to do things like add our own logo to the email, and maybe change the text. If that's not an option, can the email be simply disabled so we can send our own custom email? Thanks, Dan

Reply to: Customizing the "someone has added you as a Signer" Email

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Hi Dan, You can definitely customize the email sent to signers. However, you'll need to do this through support. The link below is our documentation on the email templates you can customize in esignlive (it also includes the information you need to send to support in order to use your own smtp server, if you wish to go this route): http://docs.esignlive.com/content/g_customizing_email_templates/customizing_email_templates.htm?Highlight=email%20templates Hope this helps :)
Haris Haidary OneSpan Technical Consultant

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