Date Field Split Into Date Parts

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We have PDF forms in our system that contain "Date" areas. Some of these Date areas contain a single line for which the Date would be placed above. We have other forms where the Date area was pre-populated with the Forward Slash separators ( MM /dd / YYYY  ). 


Is there a way for OneSpan to handle split out Date parts? I have only read about the single Date field when using Document Extraction (or any other method for that matter). For example, we know we can do Agent1.FullName.Label1.Date but is there any way to do something like:




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Hi Corey,


Unfortunately the date parts(year, month, day) are not out of the box fields in OneSpan Sign, therefore can't be added through the extraction methods. Also, although the signing date format is customizable, you can't choose from the formats at field level, which means it's not possible to have a second date format like "MM  dd  YYYY" and display over your separators.

There might be a workaround involving a dummy signer, assign the year, month, day fields as plain text fields to this dummy signer with a signature sizing of (0,0). After the genuine signer has signed, your application will know the actual signing date, so the values of the date can be passed to the text fields and be stamped to the document.

You can fire a callback listener monitoring the signer complete signing event to trigger the auto-sign. Also, if you have a workflow that an internal signer will sign secondly, you can assign the text fields to the internal signer and programmatically fill in the values.




Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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