Datetime offset when signing

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We just had an issue last night where it was December 22nd when a signer tried to sign a document. The stamp on the SMARTNOTE came out as December 23rd when it was clearly the 22nd.

When you pull the package information from your system the creation date shows this. 

"created": "2020-12-23T00:32:02Z",

Our systems show that it was created on this date.

"2020-12-22 18:31:50.950"

This is kind of a problem when one of our signers signs and is given the wrong date. Are we doing something wrong is there something wrong with the system as the above transaction is giving the wrong dates.

Here is the packageID from the transaction in question.


This transaction id goes to a test file but we are having these issues in production as well.

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Hi Ryan,


Thanks for reaching out to us! It would be expected that the datetimes (created, completed, updated, due, signing/accepted date, etc) in package JSON are always in GMT time. However, both signature stamp and signing date fields are supposed to be formatted as per package timezone (US/central in your case)


I did a quick check of your account settings and seems the signature format is default (same as above), so could you provide a screenshot of the smart note in question so that I can further investigate into the issue?



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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