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Hi Guys, Got another one. We have the case where if a user declines to consent to E-Signature, we're curious if there is a way to show them an additional 'Are you sure?' warning. Additionally, we would like to send one or more of the signers a follow-up email if one of the signers refuses to continue with the process. This is just a way to alert the stakeholders that someone refused to sign. Primarily interested to know if these are possible, and if so, what flags need to be set. Thanks!

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You kinda already have this functionality built in by having the pop up that requests a reason for declining or opting out, before they are able to do so. Are you wanting another step beyond that? As for being able to email particular signers or others when someone opts out of a transaction, you could create a listener and sign up for callbacks and notify who you need to notify when you get a notification that someone has opted out. Let me know.

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