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We are thinking of embedding the Package Designer view in our web app. Our app's main content width causes the Designer view to display in a "mobile" fashion when embedded in an iframe, as the width is less than 1200px, and the user can only see either the left panel (recipients, fields) or right panel (documents, field settings) one at a time.

I thought instead I could navigate the browser directly to the designer URL to take advantage of the whole browser width. But when I do this, I cannot see any way to redirect the user back to our app when they are finished editing or sending the package.

Is it possible to configure a redirect URL when the user is finished in the Designer view?

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Hi emmat,


Unfortunately, you can't specify the redirect URL when user clicked "SEND TO SIGN" button, this is the same limitation even if you are embedding the designer view. However I do have few tips to mitigate this pain point:

(1)display a banner with detailed instructions on the top of the designer, which guides the user to close the tab and return to your previous page. It's described in this blog:

Designer Customization and Integration – Part 2

(2)display the designer in a modal, and your application knows when signer clicked the "X" in modal.


Either way, I suggested to disable the "SEND TO SIGN" button in an embedding scenario and provide a button at your application to proceed the process when sender finished designing. Some working examples could be found in these two blogs:





Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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I see, thanks for the alternatives.

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