Digital Signature Not Capturing

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Hi, To the above link response, I am posting the request here. I am getting error in capturing digital signature, could you please suggest what could be the issue. Screen shot attached and below is the request json Request JSON: ========================================== { "trashed": "true", "documents": [ { "extract": "true", "name": "SmartApp_en_2014614", "approvals": [ { "fields": [ { "name": "RepPropIns1Sign", "extract": "true", "type": "SIGNATURE", "subtype": "CAPTURE" }, { "name": "DateRepPropIns1", "extract": "true", "type": "INPUT", "subtype": "LABEL" } ], "role": "SIGNER_2008662" }, { "fields": [ { "name": "AuthPropIns1Sign", "extract": "true", "type": "SIGNATURE", "subtype": "CAPTURE" }, { "name": "DateAuthPropIns1", "extract": "true", "type": "INPUT", "subtype": "LABEL" } ], "role": "SIGNER_2008662" }, { "fields": [ { "name": "RepPropOwnCompSign", "extract": "true", "type": "SIGNATURE", "subtype": "CAPTURE" }, { "name": "DateRepPropOwnComp", "extract": "true", "type": "INPUT", "subtype": "LABEL" } ], "role": "SIGNER_2008663" } ] } ], "roles": [ { "id": "SIGNER_2008662", "signers": [ { "email": "[email protected]", "firstName": "asgasg", "id": "SIGNER_2008662", "lastName": "aa", "auth": { "challenges": [ { "maskInput": "true", "answer": "testing", "question": "What was the name of the city where your mother was born?" } ], "scheme": "CHALLENGE" } } ] }, { "id": "SIGNER_2008663", "signers": [ { "email": "[email protected]", "firstName": "Santosh", "id": "SIGNER_2008663", "lastName": "G", "auth": { "challenges": [ { "maskInput": "true", "answer": "testing", "question": "What was your favourite toy when you were a child?" } ], "scheme": "CHALLENGE" } } ] } ], "status": "SENT", "language": "en", "name": "BMO Insurance eSign Package", "type": "PACKAGE", "userName": "eBix", "userPwd": "3F166721197B5" } ==========================================


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Hi, There are two things I noticed in your payload: 1. You have the "trashed" flag set to true. You want to remove that or set it to false. 2. You're extracting label fields from your documents but you are not setting any values. A label field must have a value before sending out a transaction. For example:
              "name": "DateRepPropIns1",
              "extract": "true",
              "type": "INPUT",
              "value": "testvalue",
              "subtype": "LABEL"
Try these and let me know the results.
Haris Haidary OneSpan Technical Consultant

Reply to: Digital Signature Not Capturing

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Thanks Haris!!! Its working now after sending the value. Sai

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