Document Extraction--unclear how to name fields

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Document Extraction doc. All of my subdocuments have among others three fields: A signature field that needs to be captured. A date field that should be auto-entered. In some cases, a printed name field that I want filled automatically with the Name given to the relevant placeholder. The instructions are unclear as to how this should be handled. Can you help?

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Hey rgraber, Sure thing. If you look at the guide for this: Document Extraction Guide You will see an image with a sample document with sample fields labeled in it. For the Signer's signature, you will see that it is a Capture signature and it is named [Signer1.Capture1]. What this is, is [{RoleId}.{SignatureType}{SignatureIndexForRole}]. So, if this was the second signature for the RoleId of Signer1, you'd use [Signer1.Capture2]. The other "signature" types besides "Capture" are "Fullname" and "Initials" with Fullname being a click-to-sign type signature. If you look at the top left field in that image, it's labeled [Signer1.Capture1.label1.Name]. This can be broken down as [{Signature the field is bound to}.label{labelIndexForSignature}.Name}. So, if you were to also bind a Name label to the second signature described above, you'd have [Signer1.Capture2.label1.Name]. The date is exactly the same as the Name field, except you'd use Date instead of Name. You can see the full documentation on this, here: http://docs.e-signlive.com/doku.php?id=esl:e-signlive_guide-working_with_documents&_ga=2.119071305.1163550444.1500251934-1412022178.1497909625#document_extraction Hopefully this helps this make a little more sense. Let me know if you still have questions!

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