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Hi Community,

I'm currently using the Dynamics connector for Onespan Sign to successfully send transactions from the CRM system. However, once the transactions is completed the dynamics record doesn't update and the signed documents are not viewable in dynamics. I was getting a callback error email.

I've since had a play and now the callback email error has disappeared but I'm still no closer to viewing the completed documents in dynamics or having the records update accordingly e.g. status from sent to completed. I fear the callback may still not be working. I followed the linked instructions for setting up the connector and callback and am unsure how to proceed.

Connector setup:

Any help is appreciated.


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Hi vegatomw,


Have you already got a support ticket on this issue? Or if not, you can contact support team at [email protected] because it may required to check configurations in backoffice or even a troubleshooting session if necessary. And below are some of my thoughts and the information you can supply in the ticket to help diagnose the problem.


Are you developing with an on-premise or SaaS Dynamics installation?

Have you literally specified the callback URL as "" then click "Set Callback URL" from the ribbon?

Can you provide some examples of callback error emails?

Can you supply the account owner's email as well as your Dynamics' org ID (looks like "org643217a4")? - Support team could view the callback settings in backoffice with your org ID.

When testing the callback, you'd create a new transaction and finish signing, because the missing callbacks won't be resent. And when a notification coming in, you should be able to view it in the "Notification" extension





Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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Hi Duo,

Thanks for getting back to me.

I do have a support ticket open.

My dynamics implementation is SaaS.

I have literally specified the callback URL as "" then clicked "Set Callback URL" from the ribbon. It logs me out at this point and gets me to sign in (I assume for verification reasons).

Does the configuring user have to be the owner?

Error as follows:(

Failed to communicate with the callback server.

URL: http://localhost:11567/connectors/callback/orgXYZ
Payload: {"type":"PACKAGE_ACTIVATE","origin":"orgXYZ","packageId":"zuqq5-xoGpCDFq-8Rsitdk56ae8=","packageOwnerUid":"XYZ","sessionUser":"XYZ","documentId":null,"accountOwnerUid":"XYZ","connectorInfo":""}
Reason(s): HttpResponseException: 500: )

My notifications table is empty....

I'll supply support with the suggested information.

Any further suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,


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