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Hello Duo, 

After going through the resources of onespan, I have found that there are list of templates we can choose for receiving onespan email message. We are particularly interested on an email notification from onespan which it sends to the recipient for signing the document. 

I have found that whole body of the email can be modified. First question, is it possible to pass a package description as a variable instead of package name. 

For e.g. Please review and complete  "$PACKAGE_NAME;".

While building a package, there is an option of sending a package description as an argument, so can't we use this package description instead of package name so that the package description gets reflected on the email. 

Second question, I have seen that first we have to choose the  template and can modify the content inside it. Is it possible to have our own email templates for sending notification to the recipient for signing the package. 



Bikram Upadhyay 

Reply to: E-mail Customization

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Hi Bikram,


Thanks for your post! In terms of the email customizations, you can refer to my blog series for more information:

OneSpan Sign Developers: Email Templates – Part 1

OneSpan Sign Developers: Email Templates – Part 2

OneSpan Sign Developers: Email Templates – Part 3


For your particular questions:
#1 You can use parameter $PACKAGE_MESSAGE; instead of package name. Package message can be specified at either package or signer level. Changes for email templates have to go through OneSpan Sign support team ([email protected]).

#2 You can use your own HTML email template. Make sure it's compatible across different email clients and send the request to our support team.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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