Email Delivery of the Signing URL

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Hi,Good day!

Requirement-While sending a transaction, we don't want the recipient to receive the mail with the url to sign.

Steps taken-We tried disabling the emailDelivery field, but still the recipient is able to receive the mail.

Thus, wanted to know if there is something else that can be done inorder to achieve our requirement.

Thank you.


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Hi Kamali,


"emailDelivery" field only defines whether to send the signed documents as email attachments in the Completion Email ("email.complete"). While from your requirement, it seems you want to disable the "email.activate" template.

1. You can get a complete list of available email templates and read the respective description of each email template.

2. In order to disable an email template, you'll send our support team a request for this.

3. Turning off an email template applies to ALL transactions created from this account. Whenever there's a recipient required to be notified, you will have to manually trigger an API to send out "email.notify" template.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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