Email Reminder : Issue with Maximum number of reminder

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We have created a reminder schedule for a transaction using .Net SDK by following this document Configuring Transaction Reminders | OneSpan Community Platform. We have configured reminder schedule for parameters { "startInDaysDelay": 1, "repetitionsCount": 5, "intervalInDays": 1, "packageId": "{packageId}" }. But we are always receiving more reminders than repetitionsCount. For example if we are scheduling a reminder for maxRemindersCount 2 then we received 3 reminders. We have used OneSpanSign.Sdk(11.50.0).

Below is the code snippet for your references: 

var ossClient = await _oneSpanClientFactory.GetOssClient();
var packageId = ossClient.CreatePackageOneStep(pack);
ReminderSchedule reminderScheduleToCreate = ReminderScheduleBuilder.ForPackageWithId(packageId).

Can you please help me out on this one?

Bijay Kumar Shaw

Reply to: Email Reminder : Issue with Maximum number of reminder

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Hi Bijay Kumar Shaw,


Did you mean that you have received ("repetitionsCount" + 1) reminders? It's by designed that the pending signers will always receive an initial reminder sent after "startInDaysDelay" days, then "repetitionsCount" reminders with interval of "intervalInDays" days.

Hope this answers your question.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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