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Hi ALL • Can the font/size of text for the eSignature capture be changed? Currently when we test in the sandbox environment - i looks very tiny and difficult to read unless we zoom in - please let us know if anyone happen to increase the size of the eSigned signature. Thank you, Vemul

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Hi Vemul, Did you mean the text "E-SIGNED by John Smith" or the handdrawn image? In terms of the first text: (1) although OneSpan Sign has introduced the "font-size" option, it's not yet available for capture signature field, texts will "auto-fit" the capture signature box. (2) Because the auto-fit should be the potentially largest font size fitting current signature box, even if you have the capability to specify a fixed font size, I doubt it will increase the actual size. (3) this leads to the conclusion that the font size is most directly determined by the field size as well as the length of the signer name, check the screenshot below: Where you will find that the size of the signature box is the main factor, although make the signature two lines could enlarge the font size also as well. (the format of the signature text can be set up through support team) Duo.

Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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