Esignature is missing in the document

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Hi there, 

 Below is my code to generate the package.  I am receiving an email with pdf document for esignature,every thing looks good except I'm not seeing any place to click and sign not sure if I am missing any thing. Please advise.

DocumentPackage superDuperPackage = PackageBuilder.NewPackageNamed("Test Document Extraction")
                    .WithSigner(SignerBuilder.NewSignerWithEmail("[email protected]")
                            .FromStream(stream, DocumentType.PDF).EnableExtraction()
                    .WithSignature(SignatureBuilder.SignatureFor("[email protected]")
             PackageId packageId = eslClient.CreatePackageOneStep(superDuperPackage);

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Hi Sharada,


Thanks for your post!

From the code snippet you provided, seems you are using Position Extraction feature, where the exact position and size of a PDF form field in an uploaded PDF file will be automatically retained in OneSpan Sign.

In your case, you named the signature as "Signer1" (.WithName("Signer1")), hence the OneSpan Sign document engine will look for a PDF form with the same property name. I've attached an example PDF with such a PDF form field, could you give it a quick attempt and let me know if this works with your code?




Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer


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Thank You. It works!

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