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I have a couple of questions regarding this unauthorized access page. The error on this page is saying "your session may have expired". When accessing the designer in our iframe in Safari, we are seeing this eSignLive unauthorized access page. Is this a bug? We do not see this page when accessing the same link in any other browser. Please advise. Can the unauthorized access page be white labeled? We are showing this in an iframe in our application and would prefer if these error messages do not say eSignLive or have your support information on them. Thank you Colleen

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Hey Colleen, I will have to check on the white labeling of the unauthorized access page. The issue with Safari is a known one that causes problems with many different applications that are embedded in iframes. Until this issue is resolved in Safari or we come up with a permanent way to get around it, there is a workaround. You can find the workaround posted in this old forum thread: https://community.onespan.com/forum/cookie-issues-safari

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