Everyone in workflow received email signing completed

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Users are complaining that they all receive an email when signing is completed.

My workflow is configured like the table below.  We only want the customer (step 1)  and the last person (Step 5) to receive any email complete transactions.  How can this be done ?


1. Customer signs     1

2. CC sent to internal user A    2

3. Internal User B signs    3

4. President signs    4

5. CC sent to Internal user C     5

Mark knollin

Reply to: Everyone in workflow received email signing completed

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Hi Mark,


Unfortunately, it's currently not supported to send completion email to partial signers. The completion email has to be sent to all signers, or you can suppress the email template and deliver the completion email by your own code.

There are already existing Enhancement Requests asking for more granular control over which email is sent to which signers, I can definitely vote on behalf of your organization in the roadmap system.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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