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Ever since the last update we are noticing issues with download the Evidence Summary. Our file system is telling us that the request coming back from the API call we are making is a 0kb size. Also, this is completely random as well. We have transactions that download the summary file just fine and then some that do not. Has anything changed? Has there been an update to the way we should be downloading the evidence summary?

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Hi Ryan,


After consulting support team, there seems no similar ticket reporting to download 0kb evidence summary recently. And I am not aware that the API has been changed.

Besides that, is the issue consistent for these packages? Or you can successfully download the evidence summary if given a second attempt?

If the former, you can send some of these package IDs to support team ([email protected]), and we can investigate if there's any internal errors when generating the evidence summary (there was a case before that the document engine failed to generate evidence summary when signer name includes non-Unicode character and has been fixed at 11.31, but it could be similar to your case)

Or if the latter and it's a completely random issue, will add a retry mechanism to your code help to avoid this situation? And of course you can create a support ticket with necessary information and we'll investigate into this.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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As of right now the issue is completely random and only happening in production. We cannot reproduce the issue in our sandbox environments at this time. I'll see if I can track down some packageIds for you guys to look at as we've had reports of Evidence Summaries downloading corrupt on multiple attempts. I think the limit I saw was 3 times in a row where we tried to download it but got a corrupt file instead. The 4th time it worked fine. 

As far as retries go, I've added that code in here recently to check for size and retry if necessary.

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