Failed to Delete Document

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Hello, I hit the REST API to try and delete a document from our package, and this is the response we got. { "messageKey": "error.validation.cannotDeleteDocumentInActivePackage", "message": "Document is in a active package and cannot be deleted.", "code": 400, "name": "Validation Error" } The document is fully signed, and all the documents in the package are fully signed, but we have the package set to not auto-complete, so the package status still says "In Progress". What does it mean by in an activate package? Are we able to remove signed documents from a package? I believe we used to be able to do this previously. This is in the production environment

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The package has to be in DRAFT status to be able to delete a document or make other modifications. So, if you do an update package request with "status": "DRAFT" and then delete the document, that should work since the package is not yet completed.

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