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I am evaluating the use of your product and am wondering if it will accomplish the following task. I will create a sales template that is a sample invoice. Attached is the form i'm looking at. What i want to do is for each section, say Licencing fee, Support Fees and Setup and Training fees, i will have radio buttons and my sales rep will select the options for each. What i would like is to then have the form automatically populate the summary of charges section. So based on the selection, it would fill in the licenesing fee, setup fee and then total it. Can you software do this? michel


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Hello Michel, Unfortunately, within eSignLive, these calculations and auto population based on selection of a checkbox in the document is not a possibiltiy, yet. I believe that calculated fields are in the plan, but I don't know if they are a definite on the roadmap or if the feature that is planned would cover this exact scenario. I would suggest that you put a post for this type of functionality in the enhancement ideas forum. Our project managers look over that for ideas from customers/prospects to put into the product. If it's already on the plan or immediate roadmap, they would be able to use the info to expand the functionality of that feature, possibly. What we currently recommend in this situation is that you take care of the questionnaire inside your application through web forms. Then, use that info to populate the document for signing. Hope this helps. Let me know!

- Michael

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