Flattened Document vs Unflattened document

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Signer can be configured to receive flattened OR unflattened version document. I’d like to know what is pro’s and con’s about flattened vs unflattened version document? What is your recommendation for signer?

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Hi Wendy,


Choose whether to attach flattened or active signed document(s) really depends on your workflow. The bottom line is that you have to deliver the active and signed documents to the recipient in a way of your choice, so one of the reason why you want to attach active documents could be to facilitate signers to download the signed documents versus to enforce them to click the "Go to Document" link and download from Signing Ceremony. Also, if you additionally want to provide a flattened copy (maybe it's part of the flow like signer needs to reupload the flattened version, or need to reorganize the pages), attach flattened documents could fill in the gap that signers can't download flattened version from Signing Ceremony.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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