Flattening multiple signed documents

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We have a need to flatten a large number of signed/locked documents. The following API call works great for one document at a time: GET /api/packages/{packageId}/documents/{documentId}/pdf?flatten=true

Hoping OneSpan might have a solution for flattening numerous documents at once. Thanks.

Reply to: Flattening multiple signed documents

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Hi Michael,


Have you downloaded the signed documents and stored locally? Or if it's possible to pull a list of package IDs which are of interest? 

If the former, you can use software like Adobe Acrobat DC to flatten the signed documents then concatenate them, or programatically do so using PDF libraries.

If the latter, you can invoke separate API calls and download flattened documents separately, it may take some time so it's better if you can inform our support team prior the bulk operations.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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