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I need to get the details for eSign email bounce, I am pretty new using the .NET SDK, coudl you provide a snippet or pointing me to the right direction?

I downloaded the OneSpanSign.Sdk.Samples project, can I use one of the samples for this?


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Welcome to OneSpan Sign!

If you are using the default email service provided by OneSpan Sign, it also handles the email bounce.

When OneSpan Sign receives a bounce back, its response is to send a notification email to the sender mentioning their transaction was not received by the recipient (see attachment). In addition, it will also send out a callback notification if a listener has been set up and subscribed to the “bounced email” event, with a payload similar to below:


Note: There are two available values for the “message” parameter: "BOUNCE" and "OOTO". They tell your listener whether the event was triggered because the email is invalid or because of the OOTO reply.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer


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Hi Duo, thanks for the information!

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