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Looking to create a transaction (done) and then get a signing URL or start signing process because I need to allow signing in an "iframe" or withing a .NET application wihtout sending the emails out, or maybe just the completed email to signers.


Richard DeMello

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Hi Richard,


To disable the invitation email, there are two ways:

(1)You can contact support team and disable the email template "email.activate" completely

(2)There's an account level setting "Disable InPerson Activation Email", which is specifically designed for situations where you have turned on in-person signing:

            DocumentPackage superDuperPackage = PackageBuilder.NewPackageNamed(PackageName)




In terms of the InPerson URL, there are also two ways:
(1)Assuming you have turned on .WithInPerson() and you want to embed the in-person signing experience, you'd first retrieve the sender's authentication token:

string senderAuthToken = eslClient.AuthenticationTokenService.CreateSenderAuthenticationToken(new PackageId(packageId));

Then build the signing link with below formula:


The final link could look like below:

(2)If you simply want to embed the signer's signing URL, you can also genereate the signing URL directly:
           string signingUrlForSigner1 = ossClient.PackageService.GetSigningUrl(packageId, signer1Id);


PS: The in-person signing experience includes a feature where you can switch between signers during the signing ceremony (see screenshot), as opposed to the signer's signing URL which is designed for a specific signer.





Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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