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I have a scenario where I would like to create a group of 2+ signers and require 2 of the members of the group to sign in multiple locations.  From reading the documentation with the APIs and looking at the UI I don't think this is possible but wanted to check if anyone has come across this before:

My scenario

1.  Add individual signer as signer one

2.  Add a group (2+ members) as signer 2 and 3

2a.  I want 2 of the group members to sign.  I do not want one group member to sign twice


Some of the potential workarounds to this is to create multiple groups and define 2 signers to accomplish this but then I would have to be very prescriptive as to who can be in both groups to sign the agreement which would limit my abilities to fully utilize the group size - in other words in order to avoid the same signer signing in both groups I cannot have a group signer belong to more than one group.


Any thoughts on how to accomplish this?




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Hi Adam,


Thanks for the post! Unfortunately, OneSpan Sign doesn't allow duplicate groups to be added to a transaction (as Signer 2 and 3). So I am afraid to have two different groups is the only solution for the time being.

On top of that I believe you are already aware of this, that if a sender belongs to two groups who both have signatures, this group member can sign for both groups. 



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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