Handling declines in a multi-form / multi-signer package

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We are grouping multiple forms into a package that will often have multiple signers.  Are there some considerations for handling when a signer declines to sign one of the forms? It appears that declines the entire package.  Is there a more agile approach - such that 2/3 of the forms can still be fully signed even if 1/3 was declined? 

For example:

1 package has 3 forms.

Signer 1:

Form #1: Signed
Form #2: Signed
Form #3: Declined

Signer 2:

Form #1: Signed
Form #2: Signed

Is that possible to set up via the Apex SDK?



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Hi Peter,


Thanks for the background information!

A general flow to handle decline could be like this: Once a signer has declined during the signing, the transaction status became DECLINED. The transaction sender has to retrieve the decline reason, modify the transaction accordingly then resend the transaction before the declined signer and other recipients can continue to sign. 

The modification to the transaction typically includes to remove and re-upload the declined documents (like you have observed, the DECLINED status is per transaction not per document, hence it relies on the decline message or even to manually reach out to signer to understand which documents need to be removed and re-uploaded).

For your example, if the sender simply deletes the Form #3 and directly resends the transaction, the Form #1&2 will remain signed and the transaction will complete automatically. However typically you will re-upload the Form #3 and only pending signers (Signer1 in this case) will receive email notifications to continue signing. 

Take the same example, if Signer1 had declined the Form #1, because both signers have signatures in this form, both signers have to resigned the Form #1 with updated content.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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