Handover settings stopped working mysteriously

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We were able to leverage the ceremony settings and were able to take our customers to our defined url after they complete signature.

Two days ago, it mysteriously stopped working. Now it just shows "Done" button which does not do anything.


OneSpanAPIObjects.Settings settings= new OneSpanAPIObjects.Settings();

                settings.ceremony = new  OneSpanAPIObjects.CeremonySettings();

                //return url set and button label

                settings.ceremony.handOver = new OneSpanAPIObjects.Link();

                settings.ceremony.handover.href = handover_url;

                settings.ceremony.handOver.text = 'Go back to application';

                settings.ceremony.handOver.title = 'Go back to application';


Request your help with the fix.


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Hi amunjal,


Not sure what's your expected behavior, if:

(1) There used to have a "Go back to application" button on the Thank you Summary page, but it's gone and only left the "Done" button. It's probably because the thank you summary page layout has been changed in your account setting. 

(2) If you meant to automatically redirect the signing ceremony to the handover URL, but it's not happening now. Again, this is probably because of your account setting has been changes.

Because it's Quebec holiday today, you might want to raise this to the support team ([email protected]) if it's urgent to you. Please also include the package ID and your account owner's email.




Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

Reply to: Handover settings stopped working mysteriously

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Thanks Duo, our inPersonSigning was default to be TRUE. It resolved the issue when we made it default to FALSE

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