Hide Watermark via Laserfiche Integration

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I came across another forum post which details how the Watermark and the 'capture text' can be configured to show or not show, but I was curious if this functionality is also available in the Laserfiche Workflow Integration? We looked over the available settings in the integration and don't see it in the Workflow itself - is it located in the local configuration files instead? Or is this not yet available via the Laserfiche integration?  To clarify, we are using the Cloud version of Laserfiche. 

Reply to: Hide Watermark via Laserfiche Integration

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Hi Matt,

The version of the integration you are using does not have the configuration for watermark. But we have a new integration for Laserfiche cloud, which is REST based. you will be able to set the water mark visibility over there.


Moshiur Reza


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