How can we skip "Electronic Disclosures"

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Hi everyone,

We are working to integrate OneSpan with Pega application in order to manage the Customer Digital Onboarding process.

Currently, we achieved consume many API services in order to create a transaction and generate the URL to start ceremony. However, all packages generated starts with "Electronic Disclosures and Signatures Consent" document.

For business requirement, we need to skip that document in order to start directly with the document of the Onboarding process (customer contract). If it is possible?



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Hi Luis,


Sure! This document "Electronic Disclosures and Signatures Consent" is so called default consent in OneSpan Sign system. To skip it, you can:

(1)Contact support team ([email protected]) and remove it entirely at account level.

(2)Or invoke API "DELETE /api/packages/{packageId}/documents/default-consent" to remove it for particular packages.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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After contact with the support team of One Span, I resolved the issue of migrating One Span with Pega for managing the customer digital process. 

Thank you

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