How to indicate, via API, where on a PDF customer should sign ?

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Hi There, I am a newbie to eSignLive and is doing some research to see how we can improve our sales process. Our system currently generates contracts (PDF) dynamically and then email it to customer for signature. I know that through the eSignLive portal, I can mark up where in the PDF contract customer should sign. In order to automate the process, is there an API to upload the document as well as specify the location for signature? Is there any sample codes on how to do this?

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You can either specify the location by x,y coordinates, use text anchor extraction, or use document extraction (extract pdf fields). How are you going to be using the API? Directly with it or with a SDK? Text Anchors: Document Extraction: - this one can be done with the naming convention recognized by eSignLive for full automation of the extraction or you can just use the position extraction portion of the feature and use your own field names - x,y coordinates: - The Create and Send guides on this page will show how to position by specifying the size and location. Hope this helps.

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