How InPerson Signing works in NSE

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in our current on-prem v11.25, for InPerson signing, there is dropdown box for signers to choose who will sign. but same request to SaaS, I don't see the dropdown box anymore. where is the InPerson signing ceremony showed in NSE?



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Hi Cindy,


Instead of dropdown box, now a welcome page will be displayed upfront the in-person signing, see below:


You can choose to show/hide the highlighted 7 UI components.


On the other hand, why you are not seeing the welcome page is probably because you are building the signing link with signer's authentication token. Please note in NSE, only signing links formulated with with sender authentication token or sender's signer authentication token can kick off an in-person signing ceremony. Check below two methods:

Method 1: 

With the first method, we’ll authenticate the signing link with a sender authentication token:

String senderAuthToken = eslClient.getAuthenticationTokensService().createSenderAuthenticationToken(packageId);

With the sender authentication token by hand, build the link with below template:


The final signing link could look like the example below:

Method 2: 

Instead of the sender authentication token, it also works when retrieving a sender’s signer authentication token.

String multiUseToken = eslClient.getAuthenticationTokensService().createSignerAuthenticationToken(packageId, signerId); String singleUseToken = eslClient.getAuthenticationTokensService().createSignerAuthenticationTokenForSingleUse(packageId, signerId, signerSessionFields);

Using the signer authentication token, you can obtain a signing session by building the following URL:{signerAuthToken}

With either link, developers can either open it in a new window tab or embed the link into an iFrame and seamlessly integrated into your own application.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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