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I am not clean how to use attachment, could you please share an sample code? Also once there is attachment in a package, the sender have to accept this attachment, otherwise  the signing ceremony will not be completed?




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Hi Wendy,


Attachment request is binded to signer, so specify it when building the signer:

.withSigner(newSignerWithEmail("[email protected]")
    .withAttachmentRequirement(newAttachmentRequirementWithName("Driver's license")
        .withDescription("Please upload a copy of your driver’s license.")


Adding a required attachment will force turning on the "review before completion", so you have to mark the package as complete. (it's not the "accept" action that completes the package)




Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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Does the sender need to call method acceptAttachment(PackageId packageId, Signer signer, String attachmentName) before call eslClient.getPackageService().markComplete(packageId)? 

let's say signer attached an attachmethment during signing ceremony, before call markComplete(packageId), sender download this attachment and find the attachment is health card instead of driver license, I guess sender should call rejectAttachment(PackageId packageId, Signer signer, String attachmentName, String senderComment), right? After the rejectAttachment is called, does the signer will receive a new activate email to sign the document again and reattach the attachment?



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