Id verificaation with electronic signature

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I want to integrate the Id verification into my web application, I already integrate onespan to my application but i want add an id verification security to the signature.
I need help.
Thank you.

NB: I use php for my project.

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Hi Andokirran,


OneSpan Sign offers robust and flexible recipient-authentication options to add extra layer of security to your online transactions, which includes SMS OTP, Q&A and Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) with either Equifax US or Equifax Canada.

You can also create your own verification, which is called "External Signer Verification" - when signer clicked to sign, the signing ceremony redirects to your verification endpoint, and you need to redirect back to signing ceremony after the verification, check the sequence diagram here.




Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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I want exactely to put FYI ID verification and biometrics on my web application , I already use the SMS authentification but my client need FYI ID verification and biometrics. I also already read the documentation but I don't find anycode share or code to implement this FYI ID verification and biometrics  into the web application web.

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