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What is the international SMS phone number format for OneSpan Sign?
Eg. international phone number (specifically for Japan): 011-81-555-555-5555

It would be without the 011 as that would only be needed if the person is being called. 81 is the international code, so it would require that and then the phone number.

In any case the number should start with +81 as a country code.

Here are some examples for reference: In case of 03-1111-1111 as a number in Tokyo, the number should be +81-3-1111-1111. In case of 080-1111-1111 as a mobile phone, it should be +81-80-1111-1111. The first 0 should be omitted.

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Hi Neil,


Thank you for sharing this information which benefits anyone with similar question! For this particular topic, I also have a dev blog introducing a phone number plugin which could output the formatted phone number:


And for sure, please feel free to contact support team or post in our community forum if you need any kind of confirmation! Thanks again for your post!



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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