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Hi There, I am trying to create session token to access the eSignature in an iframe. I am using the following code to generate and send the document: DocumentPackage documentPackage = newPackageNamed( PackageName ) .withSigner( newSignerWithEmail( SignerEmail ) .withCustomId( SignerId ) .withFirstName( FirstName ) .withLastName( LastName ) ) .withDocument( newDocumentWithName( DocumentName ) .fromStream(file, DocumentType.PDF) .withSignature( initialsFor( InitialsFor ) .onPage( PageToSign ) .atPosition( XPostion, YPostion ) )) .build(); PackageId packageId = eslClient.createPackage( documentPackage ); eslClient.sendPackage( packageId ); And I'm using the following code to generate the Token: SessionToken sessionToken = client.getSessionService().createSessionToken(packageId , SignerId ); result.outParamToken = sessionToken.getSessionToken(); But when I try to access the page using the token I get an error saying: Unauthorized Access, Your authenication token was incorrect. Can anyone please tell me what am I doing wrong here. The URL that I generate looks like the image attached.

URL.png2.49 KB
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Hi Gurvinder, Try removing the hyphen in "e-signlive". In other words, the source URL in your iframe should be:{sessionToken}.
Haris Haidary OneSpan Technical Consultant

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