Laserfiche Connector 10.4.3

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I am receiving the attached error message when trying to send a document from the Laserfiche Repository using the Web Client integration for v10.4.3 to OneSpan Sign.

We are receiving the error “Invalid sender email address” whether you specify a sender email manually or leave it blank and rely on the email address entered in the integration’s configuration.  There are no related events in the Application or System logs in the Windows Event Viewer on the server hosting the integration and Laserfiche when this message is generated.

Is there anywhere else a log file might be generated that would have more information on this error?  Do you have any recommendations on a resolution?

Right now the signature request will not move forward past this screen or send a signature request.

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Hi Johnson,

The sender email is one of the email addresses listed in sender list of the OneSpan Sign account.

So, you need to add the particular email address as sender in OneSpan Sign account, then you will be able to use it

Please have a look into the screenshot -




Moshiur Reza

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