Laserfiche Connector 10.4.3 - Send from Web Client

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When attempting to send a document from the Web Client using the integration to OneSpan Sign, it is not attaching the document after the Consent and Disclosure document. 

You can see in the 2.png document attached that Sample 1 (a .tif) is being included in the signing request. When you move to the next screen, in attached 1_1.png, the document does not appear so that you can signing fields and select "Send to Sign" to send out the request.  If you try, you receive an error that you have to add signing fields before you can send the request.

Any recommendations?  I have tried several document types with the same result.

2.PNG79.2 KB
1_1.PNG424.16 KB
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Hi Johnson,


The tif files are not support. The supported file types are - 

  • Pdf
  • Docx
  • Doc
  • Rtf
  • Odt


Please make sure that the entry in the Laserfiche is a electronic document. 



Moshiur Reza 


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