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How do I move this logs from catalina.out to a different file? Also, are they logs generated by System.out.println?

Jul 22, 2021 9:36:33 AM com.silanis.esl.sdk.internal.Support logRequest

Jul 22, 2021 9:36:33 AM com.silanis.esl.sdk.internal.Support logResponse

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Hi rgseaug77,


Thanks for the post! Are you developing with an on-premise installation or SaaS instance? Because if it's an on-premise question, our product specialist might be a better resource to answer this. You can create a support ticket at [email protected] and also mention the on-premise version you are developing with.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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Hi rgseaug77,


Thanks for the clarification, I see what you meant now! In your project where integrates with OneSpan Sign Java SDK, if you searched for the class "com.silanis.esl.sdk.internal.Support", you will find the message was generated by the Logger.log/severe/fine() function. (You can also find the source code in Git repo) This logger refers to "java.util.logging.Logger" which can be configured by the "logging.properties" file. 

Can you find any logging.properties file under the resource folder of your project? From the symptom, it seems like the JVM takes the values specified in Tomcat folder > loggine.properties file, that's why the logs get appended to the Catalina.out file. 

I've attached a sample property file, where the logging handler is using Console Handler instead:


# Example logging.properties file
# To show eSignLive.com logs on the console, set the following JVM property:
# -Djava.util.logging.config.file=logging.properties
# Create console handler
# The eSignLive.com log level is set to FINE
# Set the default logging level for the root logger
# The Console Handler log level must be set to FINE or lower
# --- Console Handler Properties ---
java.util.logging.SimpleFormatter.format=%1$tb %1$td, %1$tY %1$tl:%1$tM:%1$tS %1$Tp %2$s [%4$s] %5$s%n


I believe you could also search the string "com.silanis.esl.handlers=" within the project and find out which logging handler your SDK has been configured with.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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