mark dates as read-only

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We are attempting to make fields read only in our OneSpan package.  We are trying to use the API to mark them.  We cannot find the way to mark dates read-only.  
The preference would be to mark them read only using the API, so that they all work similarly.
We are actually attempting to bypass setting the fields within the PDF and marking them read only via the payload. 

How do we set the fields as read only using the Onespan API? If we need to set the fields as read only in the PDF file prior to using Onespan Sign, that is an option. However, we prefer to use the Onespan API, if possible. What is recommended in this scenario?

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Hi Brian,


Essentially, you need to specify the field as a label field instead of text field in order to make them read-only during the signing. Based on this, could you briefly explain how you are adding signatures and fields today?



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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