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I have a form which I'm using document extraction to pull in fields from, and some of the pieces need to be entered at the signing ceremony.   Is it possible to mask some of those fields as they are considered PPI?  I'll read them on the backend securely, but don't want them showing up in plain text on the finished document.

Fields on the form:

[Borrower.Capture1.Textfield1] - Can be plain text

[Borrower.Capture1.Textfield2] - PPI

[Borrower.Capture1.Textfield3] - PPI

[Borrower.Capture1] - Can be plain text

[Borrower.Capture1.Label1.Date] - Can be plain text

[Borrower.Capture1.Label2.Name] - Can be plain text

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Hi Lewis,


If you don't want those text field to be visible to other signers, you can collect these information with a separate document with limited document visibility (Document Visibility guide here). For other signers, this document won't be displayed during signing and be downloaded.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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It's more of I don't want the raw text available on the downloaded package, akin to keying a password into a field and it showing **** or another character.  This is for things like bank account numbers or SSN entry for a remote signer.

 I would like to limit some forms to individuals, so the Visibility guide is useful!

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