Merge Salesforce fields when creating esign Packages

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Hi, We are a use case where we need to merge fields from related contact object into the document before sending it for signing. It was possible using conventions by adding a field mapping. However, through the APEX SDK, I do not find any documentation to achieve the same. Is there a way to achieve this? Warm Regards Ranjan Prajapati

Reply to: Merge Salesforce fields when creating esign Packages

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Hi Ranjan, Thanks for posting on Developer Community! Basically what does "using conventions by adding a field mapping" do was grabbing contact's(or a chosen object's) information from Sales Force and create a OneSpan Sign field with corresponding data. The way to locate the field includes below three ways: Which matches (1)Using Text Anchor (apex guide here), (2)set X/Y coordinates(used in below code) and (3)Position Extraction (apex guide here). The attachment was an example that I used SOQL to grab test contact information and use APEX SDK to create the signer information as well as a label field with value of contact's mailing street. Hope this could help! Duo

Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer


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