Modifying Handover URLs after package creation

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Is it possible to update the handover urls everytime a different user accesses the package? We have users who will access the document via sa personalised URL and we are hoping that after signing it would navigate them back to their personal url.

The idea that I have is that once the user access his personalised url, a web service gets initialised to update the handover url, so when he proceeds to sign the document, clicking return would navigate him back to his personalised url.

Is this possible? I'm currently getting 405 error when I try to do it.

Thank you!

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Hi rae.esperanza,


Thanks for your post!

I believe handover URL can only be set at transaction level, not signer level. However, OneSpan Sign appends extra URL parameters to the handover URL once signer get redirected. Your application can be aware of the event and handle it accordingly.

For example, if you specified the Handover URL as "https://localhost/oss/handover" after the recipient with signer ID of “Signer1” has declined the transaction (ID of “T840KlFsIeC--LqGu9O9Enp9T6I”), information associated with this event will be passed by parameters, and the actual link the recipient will hit looks like:


These three parameters each represent:

  • Package: This refers to the transaction ID
  • Signer: This refers to the signer ID rather than the role ID. For further reading about the detailed differences between the signer and role, read our previous blog “Role vs Signer – Part 1”.
  • Status: The available values are “SIGNER_COMPLETE” or “PACKAGE_DECLINE”.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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