MSC event notifier not registered

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Hi, One of our client is reporting that the "ESL:MESSAGE:STARTED:SIGNER_COMPLETE" event is not showing in console with Mobile Signing Ceremony, under this scenario: - Have a signer and three documents, first document contains one signature, second is an accept-only document, third document is a review-only document. - When signer used an iPhone (iOS 12) and completed signing the first two documents, the default completion message displayed, but the event is not fired. Can you help us reproduce the issue and confirm whether there's an issue? Thanks!

Reply to: MSC event notifier not registered

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Hi there, Thanks for the detailed steps, I can reproduce the same issue at my side, not only limited to iPhone, but also Android phones. So I assume it's a general issue for Mobile Signing Ceremony. Please report to R&D team about this. Regards, Duo

Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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