Need help with modifying Salesforce URL Code

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I am working through the OneSpan tutorial for Automating Transaction Creation in Salesforce in Salesforce Lightning Experience but I am getting hung up in the creation of a field to store the automation URL.

I am unsure where this language is different than other help articles:

<apex:page standardController="Account">

<ESL:PackageAutomation fieldName="Account_Automation_URL__c" />


This is the code I have for my button, but I cannot get it to work for a formula:


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Hi nbreck,


Thanks for your post!

For example if I have a Detail Page Button with this URL:
/apex/esl__package?ParentId={!Account.Id}&Name={!Account.Name}%20Agreement&[email protected]&Signer1FirstName=John&Signer1LastName=Smith


The equivalent formula field named "OSS_Fast_Track_Formula__c" could be like:

"/apex/esl__package?ParentId=" & Id & "&Name=" & Name & "%20Agreement&[email protected]&Signer1FirstName=John&Signer1LastName=Smith"

Note that the formula uses "&" instead of "+" to concatenate the text. You can find more details from SFDC's guide here:


And you just need to reference the field in the VF page:

<apex:page standardController="Account"> <ESL:PackageAutomation fieldName="OSS_Fast_Track_Formula__c" /> </apex:page>


BTW, in your case, is the parent type "Term_Sheet__c"? If that's the case, reference the formula field in a VF page which controller is your custom object.



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