Not seeing all packages when polling OneSpan

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We seem to be having an issue where we don't seem to pull in any of our recent test files using either the GetPackages or the GetUpdatedPackagesWithinDateRange.  We DO get results using those as long as we move the date range back to at least last November.  The catch is that if we use the transfer ID created when the documents are signed and sent in, we can pull in that package through the api.


We have tried looking at both statuses of SENT and COMPLETED to see if we can get them to come in from the polled list, and cannot get the recent test files to return.  When I checked the status on the packages through the api by using the transfer ID (known to OneSpan as the package ID), they show a status of completed.


Any idea as to why we can only pull in the test packages by package ID directly, and not using the list functions built into the api?

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Hi DrigJ,


Thanks for your post!

Can you share some example package IDs for both scenarios where they are returned and not returned by the GetPackages/GetUpdatedPackagesWithinDateRange function?

Without further checking, one thing worth mentioning is that with those two function, you can only pull packages created by the API key holder and not other senders. 



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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As far as I know, we should all be using the same API key, though it may be possible that we are using different ones.  Unfortunately, the group that created the process that sends the packages to OneSpan is separate from our group, so it is possible they have a different key for their development compared to ours.

As for examples, here are two packages that I am able to get back when using either of the two list retrieval functions:
These are also the only two packages that get returned if I look for any packages from last November till now.

And here are two examples that we made more recently that I am able to access using the package ID directly:


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