Obtain user's API key

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Is there a way to use master account API key to get user specific API key for a selected subaccount.  I'm not sure what call to use if it's possible.

Richard DeMello

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Hi Richard,


Thanks for your post! It's possible to use master account's main account API Key to get sender's subaccount API Key. This can be done in two steps:
#1 get master account's subaccount API Key with this API:
GET /api/account/subaccountApiKeys

Example response:



        "accountUid": "mV2A1Ax5LQMC",

        "accountName": "OneSpan",

        "apiKey": "ZzVxxxxZbjVrUw=="



        "accountUid": "kqpjh5Lb800A",

        "accountName": "Termination",

        "apiKey": "ZzVtRxxxxhrWQ=="



        "accountUid": "AFrUfgFyhOIK",

        "accountName": "Offer",

        "apiKey": "ZzVtxxxZVQ=="




#2 use master account's subaccount API Key to query sender's subaccount API Key:

GET /api/account/senders/{senderId}/apiKey


However, I think it's more suggested to only perform the step1, and manage sender's transactions with master account's (subaccount) API Key only. You can refer to my blog for more details:



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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