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I require some help regarding some functionality:

1. How can we configure sent on behalf functionality in One Span in sandbox. Like from One Span Admin UI is it possible? If yes, can you tell me the detailed steps.

2. How can we configure notarization? Like I went through the technical implementation document and it says either I need to connect with one span support or I can configure a fake notary? My query is how I can I configure a fake notary? Can you provide me the steps?

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Hi OneSpanAri,


For your two questions:
(1)It's not available to "send on behalf" of in UI portal. However, you can configure "delegate access" in order to access other sender's portal.

(2)In order to create notary senders, you will have to contact support team ([email protected]) and additional information about the notary's Jurisdiction, license number as well as an expiry date, and other notary fields as per your requirement.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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