OneSpan notification event not working in Sandbox

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We are not receiving event notification (Decline, package complete, …etc) from OneSpan sandbox. A few years ago, it was set up for both the production and sandbox environments. All is well with production; just the Sandbox has stopped operating.

Using the below links as a reference we have reconfigured “OneSpan Sign callback service”.*pudt95*_gcl_au*NzU4MTk3NzM4LjE3MTA5MzQzNDY.*n96jy2*_gcl_au*NzU4MTk3NzM4LjE3MTA5MzQzNDY.*ccgnh9*_gcl_au*NzU4MTk3NzM4LjE3MTA5MzQzNDY.


When a document is signed/declined or any event occurs, we can see an entry of successful authentication in Salesforce but no logs for the user are generated invoking the Salesforce webservice(event listener).Image removed.


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Hi Pankaj,


Thanks for your post! Since you already have your integration set up, could you raise a support ticket ([email protected]) and we can move the conversation to a private channel?



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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