OneSpan Production Redundancy

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Got a notification that OSS-US-PROD-2 will be upgrading OS during a 3 hour window and it made me realize I do not have enough knowledge about the OneSpan production environment to know what this means for us. I see OneSpan has OSS-US-PROD-1 and OSS-US-PROD-2 production platforms. Are customers targeted to one or the other? Or are these fully load-balanced systems? If the former, how do I know which production system my account is on? Thanks.

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Hi Michael,


OSS US1 and US2 Production environments are two individual instances, hence a release in US1 PROD won't affect US2 PROD, and vice versa.

For your organization, I was told by support team that you have accounts under both CA and US2 PROD. Please further confirm with your CSR or support team on this information.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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