OneSpan Sign with Laserfiche 11

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I am migrating servers for Laserfiche and OneSpan. Laserfiche 11 is successfully migrated, LF Server, Web Client, Workflow, etc.

I have downloaded the latest OneSpan connector for Laserfiche. I have run the installer for WebClient, Workflow, and Notification Service. When configuring OneSpan in Web Client, (login as admin, click more actions, select OneSpan) I am unable to get a dropdown task for Create or Update configuration for OneSpan.

Are there procedures to migrate the OneSpan configuration? 

Thank you,



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Hi Nevin,


It looks like the integration can not connect to the database for the integration.

Please look in to the windows event viewer for more details. The logs will be under "Windows logs -> Application" and the source of the logs are "OneSpanSign"



Moshiur Reza

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