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After a Package is Completed its available at the plataform the option to manually Archived the transaction . Ok with that.

But those the plataform do any "Auto Archived", like after X days of being Completed the transaction is auto archived. If the answer is yes,what the number of days (X) ? Is it configured? Where?


Tank you!



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Hi asimao,


Unfortunately, the "Auto Archive Transaction" function is not yet an out-of-the-box feature available in OneSpan Sign. There are already few Enhancement Request existing asking for the capability, and they are currently marked as Candidate. I will definitely update this thread once the feature is on roadmap.

Other solutions could be: use the callback listener to monitor the package complete event, then assign a schedule task to archive the package certain days after. Or run a batch script everyday and fetch all the completed packages whose completion date is particular days ago then archive them in bulk.


Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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Thanks for the feedback.

I was hopping there where the "Auto Archive Transaction" to skip the plan B - task to archive.



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