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i have created a signature for the owner in UI and map some label which is common for all signers to the owner. i need to update the signature of the owner to zero through code so that the signature will not be visible to other signers . How we can achieve this ?

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Hi nareshishere,


I knew you have a workflow involved template, so if this update is an one-time approach within templates, you can follow below steps:

(1)navigate to the designer UI of your target package

(2)open your browser's Developer Tools (shortcut in Chrome is F12)

(3)switch to the "network" tab, and check the "XHR" type

(4)fully designed your package, then drag/move the signature which you want to update slightly

(5)this will send out an API call to update the signature field and be monitored by the developer tool

(6)click on this record, and copy the URL and the payload.

URL should look like below:

For payload, replace both the "width" and "height" with 0.

(7)Invoke the API with updated payload, you can do it through Postman/SOAP UI or with a Java REST script.





Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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